How does OCD work?

The CPM is delivered and set up in the patient's home by a trained J & J Medical professional staff member. Patients are measured and fitted properly, given full instruction on use of the equipment and are observed using the machine.

Patients receive literature explaining why CPM is necessary for their recovery and why their doctor ordered the therapy for them.

We review the goals you have set for them including the range of motion they will ultimately need to achieve.

We emphasize the importance of the home exercise daily as an adjunct to their physical therapy. We recommend using the CPM as often as possible but especially before and after each physical therapy visit. CPM works with physical therapy. It does not replace it.

We do weekly follow-ups with patients. Questions will be specific to outcomes:

  • How often do you do your exercises?
  • Have you attended each PT appointment?
  • How often are you using the CPM machine?
  • What is your current active and passive range of motion?

We motivate and encourage your patients to achieve the goals you set for them.

Our Outcomes Team will assess the timely completion of ODC and recover the CPM from patients.

When it is determined that a patient is falling behind, we will contact your office to advise you of our concerns.

What is Outcome Driven Care?
Why is OCD necessary?
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