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Providers of Durable Medical Equipment for In Home Use

We service your patients in their home! Your patients don't have to make a special trip to be fitted with the bracing or treatment you prescribe.

Your office is not tied up once or twice a week with fitting sessions, continued visits for adjustments or repairs as well as unnecessary calls to your staff answering questions.

Your patients are measured and often fit within 24 hours, weekends included, so they don't have to wait for the next "fitting day" and make a special trip.

J&J professionals fit and instruct your patients in their home. They learn how to use the braces or CPM machines and call us with questions, not you.

We follow-up with your patients & keep you informed of compliance & progress. J&J Medical is a preferred provider for most managed care networks.

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We provide in-home patient fitting, instruction, and follow-up.

J&J Medical is an ACHC Accredited Durable Medical Equipment Company providing personal service to the Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Medical Community and their patients.


  • Pennsylvania

  • Southern New Jersey

  • Ohio

  • Delaware

  • Maryland

  • West Virginia